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My spouse and i compared McDonald's to this most significant fast-food chain throughout Korea, and the 'McDonald's of Korea' has a person major advantage

The biggest prêt à manger chain within South Korea isn't McDonald's, KFC, or maybe Burger King — nevertheless they all have spots in the country.

Rather, Lotteria is the best, with additional than 1, 600 destinations, plus hundreds more throughout Asia.

While 롯데리아 나무위키 might be reductive to compare any prêt à manger chain to McDonald's, Lotto makes the comparability pretty uncomplicated. The burger-and-fries-centric menu is comparable, as can be the prices. Locations glimpse identical, both to a person an additional and to McDonald's back in the PEOPLE. There is even a McDonald's directly next to the Lotteria on Seoul Station, forcing vacationers to be able to decide on which fast-food sequence to ally on their own together with as soon as that they get into the city.

As a substitute of making a breeze wisdom, I decided to try McDonald's and Pesca back-to-back to see which prêt à manger chain arrived on the scene on best. I discovered more commonalities than differences, yet 1 chain still managed in order to eke out some sort of win thanks to one key advantage.

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